Demika Crow

Residential Sales Consultant

Introducing Demika Crow, a local girl. Familiar with all aspects of property since 2009. Demika set out to make a difference in the market and to continue to make buying and selling property a breeze for her clients.

Demika originally crawled before she walked and started from the bottom, working from Receptionist, to Marketing Manager, to Sales Support, to Law and Conveyancing, to Business Development Manager of NSW and back to where it all began, her dream, Real Estate Agent of Newcastle City.

Demika says "I'm a smart woman. I take charge of everything in my life, I'm extremely motivated, I'm a go-getter. I'm the one who makes things happen and gets things done, I'm the one who achieves what some people say is the unachievable, I'm the one who believes I can have it all - but you have to make sacrifices and absolutely love what you do, day in day out.

"I pride myself on service , not only with assisting clients in buying and selling but as an educator, ensuring what their next step is will bring them closer to what they want to achieve in their lives. It starts with the Why and What, What do my clients want to achieve and why? Plus offering advice on how they can achieve these goals quicker. Agents are educators in the market and I thrive to share my life experiences and knowledge in the industry day in and day out"