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Diane Goncalves

Head of Property Management

Diane embarked on her professional journey in the retail sector during her school years, driven by a strong work ethic instilled by hardworking parents. Eager to apply her skills and values of hard work, honesty, and continuous self-improvement, Diane sought paid work opportunities as soon as legally permissible. Raised in a family of property investors, she made her initial property purchase at the age of 17, leveraging the tools learned from her parents.

After completing her education, Diane entered the banking industry while concurrently managing her retail job and pursuing studies at the University of Sydney. Upon earning her degree, she transitioned to a role with Financial Planners, broadening her expertise beyond property investments. Despite initially progressing towards a career in financial planning, Diane's enduring passion lay in real estate, fueled by her aspiration to aid others in realising their property-related goals.

By the age of 30, Diane independently owned four properties. Motivated by her dedication to customer service and collaborative engagement, she cultivated a successful career in property, real estate, and client services. Diane derives fulfillment from guiding individuals toward their long-term objectives, devising strategies for wealth accumulation, and cherishing opportunities to work closely with people to fulfill their visions.