Tenant Information

Ray White Newcastle Group welcomes all tenant enquiries via internet, email, phone, and via office visit.

We provide a tenancy service second to none.

We offer a great range of good quality and well maintained properties for lease and pride ourselves in making your renting experience worry free.

We require the completion of your lease application and identification details for approval by the landlord and your on the way to a great experience.

We provide prompt repair services when required, easy access to your rental history, and above all the quiet enjoyment of your newly leased property. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our tenants whereby many of our valued tenants, themselves become landlords and the Ray White experience continues.

Information you MUST provide:

Applications are required for each prospective tenant
Multiple tenants must submit their applications together
Non-returnable copies of the following should be attached to your application PRIOR to the application being returned to our office


A current photo identification

  • Drivers Licence
  • Passport
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Student Card

Written references from

  • Previous landlords or real estate agents
  • Selling Agent
  • Personal references
  • Copy of last rates notice
  • Proof of last residential address
  • Electricity account
  • Telephone account
  • Bank or Credit card statement
  • Proof of all income


  • Centrelink payment advice
  • Earnings advice form accountant
  • Letter from supporting parent/guardian

NB: – All unapproved applications will be destroyed immediately

Our office reserves the right to change the above criteria at anytime
Our office will be unable to process this application if the required documentation is not provided.